Safety Orange

May 31, 2007

I love summer.  Safety orange is hot.  I never mind being stuck in traffic during road construction if I get to see a gaggle of sweaty,  semi-shirtless road construction workers on the job.

Life is good. 



More fun from Stuff on My Cat.


 This is just wrong.


More one hit wonder fun.  This one is from Reunion (1974).  As a professional karaoke singer, I want to master this before I die.

(for anyone interested, the title of the song is “Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)”.)


Yes, the spelling is correct.  I’m referring specifically to QuakerJono over at Forgotten Beatitudes,  the soon to be owner of a new house with a pool.

Maybe it is a little bit of jealousy or it could be it’s freakin’ hot outside, but I broke down and bought a pool. Now, it isn’t a fancy cement pond type of pool like the good Quaker will have. This is one of those three feet deep, inflatable ring pools.

I have officially become white trash.  At least the pool matches my “Master Bait and Tackle (You cant beat our bait!)” koozie.


 Well, actually it was Miss USA who took a tumble at the 2007 Miss Universe contest in Mexico City. 

For your daily dose of schadenfreude:

Postcard Blogging

May 29, 2007


Dan at GayPatriot has his T-shirt blogging, but I seem to be more of a postcard blogger.   If it can’t fit on a postcard, I ain’t doing it (don’t hold me to this).

Wish you were here.