My neighbor is an asshole.

May 23, 2007

I couldn’t think of a good opening subject for my first post so I’m going with what happened tonight.  My barking dog was out on the deck for her nightly break and my new neighbor yells “SHUT UP” at the top of his lungs into my backyard.   OK ,  I get my dog’s barking is annoying.   If you have a problem with me or my dog, the neighborly thing would be to talk to me or even leave a note on my door.  (I honestly don’t even hear the dog; like parents with their own children, you tune out the noise after a while).  But to yell at the dog (who pays no mind) seems pointless.  Yea, I will be more conscious of my dog barking now but I will positively be less friendly (more hostile?) to my fat fuck of a neighbor.


5 Responses to “My neighbor is an asshole.”

  1. neighbor Says:

    SHUT UP!

  2. another neighbor Says:

    Yeah guess what, you are the asshole neighbor. When you neighbor has to tell your dogs to shut up, it has been way too much time since you should have done so.

  3. Gabrielle Says:

    Dogs bark. And for your neighbor to yell at your dog is ludicrous – it’s like the Gary Larson comic strip, where all the dog hears is “Blah, blah, blah, blah.”

    I agree, if a neighbor has a problem with your barking dog, they can politely say something. Unlike my neighbor who let it stew to the point where she yelled at my own children for some barking that my dog did months ago. How messed up is that?

    This is to all the asshole neighbors: If you have a problem with your neighbor or your neighbor’s dog, politely SAY SOMETHING politely. This is a world where we only use 12% of our brain capacity – we’re not frickin’ mind readers!

  4. John in IL Says:

    Thanks for the support, Gabrielle.

    And before I get any more nasty comments (I’ve deleted them) on this two year old post; I put my dog to sleep in December so there is no more barking.

  5. Mr. Neighbor Says:

    What if it were them disturbing you all the time? It’d be a different situation then, right? Good riddance to your useless animal.

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