A Voice of Reason (or This Guy is Good)

May 26, 2007


I ran across the blog Back Talk today in my daily search for newspaper articles/blog posts on debts and deficits (thanks Steve, aka The Skeptical Optimist). 

I’m impressed. His posts are well thought out, well written and researched. A moderate voice in an increasingly shrill world.

I’ve just begun reading so I’ll suggest these recent posts:

The US Economy in Perspective
Lack of Access to Health Care in America
How the Left Actually Thinks about Iraq

From the Iraq post:

It seemed to me that the cognitive dissonance between the usual self-image of someone on the left (in which goodness and decency often loom large) and the horrific sectarian carnage that would ensue upon our departure could only be resolved by adopting the firm belief that Iraq is fated to suffer that outcome no matter what we do. That way, one can favor immediate withdrawal without feeling any challenge whatsoever to one’s morally superior sense of self.

That’s good; really good.


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