Trippy Roads

June 4, 2007


I’m not much of a traveler. I hate to fly, hotels disgust me (I can never sleep, thinking of everyone else who has slept there) and I have animals at home which I don’t like to leave for long. However, I do love road trips and weekend trips. This year I think I will try something different. Instead of just getting in the car and picking a direction, I’ve decided to make my wanderings have some meaning. I went through the names of Illinois towns and noticed some possible themes.

I could make it a European vacation (Naples, Milan, Glasgow, Cambridge, Hamburg) or travel south of the border (Rio, Panama) or stick to the US (Manhattan, Cleveland, Detroit, Phoenix, Topeka).

Justice, Liberty and Fidelity sounds like a great Fourth of July trip. For a little bit of a pick me up, how about Joy, Energy and Worth. For a less exciting weekend, Normal and Standard.

If I’m feeling a bit saucy, I can go to Dix, Dixmoor and Johnsonville (I’ll leave Reddick and Bone Gap off that trip). After that, I can’t miss Gays*, which I think is south of Kampsville and east of Maryville (or Mansfield, I forget).

Finally, for some political fun, I can decide which I like best, Bush or Goreville.

*The two main attractions in Gays, Illinois, are a two-story outhouse and (not) Hitler’s bicycle.


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