Dirty Pool/Muddy Waters

June 15, 2007


The high temp today in Whitetrashistan was in the mid 90s.  Finally the ring pool was warm enough to get into it (who thought 3 feet of water could be so wonderful).  I even set up the pump and bought some chlorine tablets.  The instructions said I had to buy all of this other shit to keep the pool clean.  I’m not doing it.   Test the water every day for pH levels, HA! 

I figure I spent last weekend on the Mighty Mississippi on a boat that didn’t have a bathroom.  We drank, we ate, we swam, we drank (a lot)more.  No toilet?, no problem.  You just jump in and swim in your own waste.  In fact, you know that everyone upstream of you is doing exactly the same thing.  So whether you prefer the standing on the side of the boat method (which can be dangerous on a small boat) over peeing while swimming, you will be swimming in pee at some time.

I’m not so worried about a dirty pool. 


2 Responses to “Dirty Pool/Muddy Waters”

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  2. Jamie Says:

    We used to scare the neighborhood kids by saying that we had chemicals in the pool that would turn the water red if anyone peed. I never found out if those chemicals really existed or not, but I never ended up swimming in a warm spot!

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