I’m an Anglophile (translation: I like hot English ass)

June 15, 2007

I’ve always been drawn to self-absorbed pricks (so much for “opposites attract”).

Somehow that leads me to Robbie Williams. 

See here:

and here (wait for the ass grab):

and especially here:


3 Responses to “I’m an Anglophile (translation: I like hot English ass)”

  1. QuakerJono Says:

    I’m just not down with the whole Robbie Williams tip. He was cute for awhile, but recently he just seems to get more and more rough. Some scruff is sexy, but if I start to wonder when someone’s last good bath was, well, then the sexy has wandered away like an Alzheimer’s patient.

  2. John in IL Says:

    You kill me.

    Re: Robbie; I like a little rough trade every now and then.

  3. QuakerJono Says:

    Yes, a little rough trade can be fun. Still, I think you should know that you’ve been TAGGED.

    So go do something about it!

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