June 21, 2007


Lucky me.  It turns out that I was the 25,000th person to leave a comment at The Malcontent (not sure which comment did it, but they are all so good it really doesn’t matter).  I half jokingly asked if I get a prize and sure enough, I do.  Matt generously offered me my choice of Malcogear, which I’ll happily plug here.  I chose the “Fear the Fish” cap.  Thanks Matt!  I love to get free shit.

OK, that’s part one.  Part two has to do with the picture above and the picture that reminded me of it in this post (it’s not nice to scare Quakers) over at North Dallas Thirty (who has the honor of being added to my blogroll even though he kicks my ass in Jamie’s trivia contest every day).

That catfish is why I have to get drunk to get into the water.  When you’re in the Big Muddy, you have no idea what is swimming below or around you.  In the main current, you can see about 8 inches down in the water.  If I think about that big mofo being down there I tend to freak out.  Six beers and I’m fine (and I have to pee).

(I tried to put as many links on my blogroll as I could into this post. Now if I could only relate this post to the Tax Foundation…)

Thanks to The Phobia List for the title.


2 Responses to “Ichthyophobia”

  1. […] I hooked up my old computer to find some pictures that I had left behind (the catfish picture from my last post, in […]

  2. QuakerJono Says:

    I still feel NDT is cheating or at least that’s the disinformation campaign I’m running to distract attention from me not winning regularly.

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