If cell phones could talk

July 8, 2007


My cell phone died. 

I’m in the mourning process, mourning the loss of my phone numbers stored in it.

To assuage my grief, my cell phone provider gave me a “loaner” until my phone is brought back from the dead (without my phonebook;  an empty husk of a cell phone, in my opinion).

The only bright spot in this sad tale is that I have someone else’s phonebook on my loaner.

My top ten favorite entries (in alphabetical order):

1. Applebees 2 go

2. Aunt Judy

3. Grandma 

4. Hev C

5.  Hev P

6.  Just Kids

7.  Manda 

8. Nipples

9. Shanghi

10. Thomas the Train

I felt rather selfish thinking about my own losses considering the love lost in this phone book. 

I must call Nipples to let him know that he is not forgotten.


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