Your meme is giving me a headache

July 11, 2007


Well the bitch did it to me again. The good Quaker nominated(?) me for a Thinking Bloggers Award (it even comes with its own little graphic*) According to him, all the blogs he nominated “have consistently produced firing synapses in my head”. That’s why I am a little surprised to find myself on the list. I mean, really, while I have enjoyed my time here doing this (it keeps me out of the tavern), I generally let others do the heavy lifting when it comes to thinking. That whole thinkers and linkers thing. I’m definitely in the linkers department (maybe that’s part of the reason my soul is pictured as a barren desert). I don’t generally consider highlighting quirky youtube videos, news of the weird, stories of drunken weekends and cats as being in the “synapse firing” category. One reason I started this blog was to scratch my comment posting itch. Sometimes I want to say something that I think is funny/clever/stupid/semi-insightful and I can’t find a damn post to attach it to.  I suppose I should be flattered (and I am; I too have a hard time taking compliments)

OK, enough with the self-flagellation, on to the topic at hand. Five Blogs that make me think.

1. The Skeptical Optimist. The name of his blog says it all. Steve has to be one of the most sensible people on the internet. He takes on the politics of fearmongering and has a great time doing it. He puts what could be considered dull/complicated material in a format that is more easily understood (and he has the best damn “Debt Clock” ever). Here is an excellent example.

2. Death and Taxes. This is more of a site (although he does have a blog and forums area). This clever young man has taken the government’s budget and created the Death and Taxes poster, “a visual guide to where your federal tax dollars go”. A must see. Although his politics (and I think his point behind creating the poster) are a bit left of mine, he’s always been respectful of my opinions.

3. The Malcontent. Hilarity ensues when stepping into the lair of Matt and Robbie (and now Famous Author Rob Byrnes). It’s got it all: pop culture, politics, with a peppering of perversity wrapped up in one smartly packaged (if slow loading) site. The writing is excellent, the comment section is sometimes even better.

4. The Tax Foundation(blog and site). I know. I went from fun and frivolity to tax policy. The topic was “make me think” so fuck you. I’m a serious believer in the need to reform our federal tax code. It’s a mess. The Tax Foundation has made it its mission to point out the weaknesses in tax policy at all levels of government.

5. Cafe Hayek. Free markets and all that jazz. Sometimes this goes over my head but I always feel that I am better off by reading it.

Two blogs that I would have included if possible:

1. Forgotten Beatitudes (my nominator). I’ll buy your book, bitch.  Seriously, an excellent writer who is funnier than shit (and who makes my comment section look less like a ghost town).

2. I must be dreaming (already nominated). Two scoopings of level headedness with just a touch of gay .

Oh, I almost forgot,  the rules:

 1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

(if you read this Jamie, do you know how to fit more than one text widget in a sidebar?  I so want my award to be displayed for eternity.)


4 Responses to “Your meme is giving me a headache”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Heh. The Feedback feature in the dashboard is a very cool thing. Someone always gets back to me. Which is why the answer is YES, I do know how to fit more than one text widget in a sidebar.

    Go to the bottom of your Widgets page. You can pick how many text, RSS, or Categories widgets you’d like available. I have mine all set to 9, even though I don’t use them all. Hit “Save Changes,” and you should see more Text boxes available to choose from (Text 1, Text 2, Text 3)

    Also, if you want to put a series of pictures (like in my sidebar where it shows the books I’m currently reading), just put (slash symbol)br in those arrowhead bracket thingies (Shift comma, Shift Period) between each picture url. It’s the code for a “line break.”

    Umm, oh yeah, one way that I get around linking pictures to other sites (when I like the pic but don’t want to steal their bandwidth) is by saving the picture to my computer, then opening the “write” page for a new post and uploading the picture from there as if I were going to put the pic in a post. Once you upload it, you can exit the “write” page without saving and the pic is still in your WordPress uploads page, and you can find the urls for each pic on the “manage” page.

    And I would’ve tagged you too, if our friendly neighborhood Quakerman hadn’t gotten to you first!

  2. Jamie Says:

    BTW, this:

    Also, if you want to put a series of pictures (like in my sidebar where it shows the books I’m currently reading), just put (slash symbol)br in those arrowhead bracket thingies (Shift comma, Shift Period) between each picture url. It’s the code for a “line break.”

    is referring to putting a series of pictures in a single text widget. FYI.

  3. Matt Says:

    Thanks for the kudos. 🙂

    Yeah, about that slow-loading thing. The only thing I can think of is that it is Dreamhost’s fault, not anything I’m doing related to code or plug-ins, because even the dashboard/editor loads much more slowly than it should.

    A while began I started fishing around for better ISPs, and I think I found one but didn’t jump at the time because of the pain that would be involved. But now I can’t find the email they sent me and can’t remember their name!

  4. John in IL Says:

    Thanks for the help, Jamie. I guess I could’ve figured out how to add additional widgets if I had read the whole widgets page (I seem to have a problem with scrolling down).

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