Good (for the Earth) Vibrations

July 14, 2007


Are you concerned about the environment? Do you also like a little “personal” stimulation?  Feeling guilty about all those nasty batteries used that will end up in landfills? I’ve found the answer.  Solar Sensations, the solar powered vibrator:

Solar Sensations is a three piece vibrating sex toy kit. Solar Sensations is the World’s first solar powered controller is powered by natural sunlight or artificial light. Power will last for up to 2.5 hours! No alkaline batteries are needed. Solar Sensations Vibrator is compact, discreet, sleek design and whisper quiet, the Solar Sensations 3-Piece Kit is designed for use with plug in, removable novelties such as the finger micro massager and its two interchangeable stimulators. The adjustable finger micro massager fits most fingers.

This is only one of the many “green luxury products for the trust fund tree-hugger” listed here.


3 Responses to “Good (for the Earth) Vibrations”

  1. This is like, just ordering people to have public sex.

    But what if you were to, uh, put it in and go sit in a tanning bed?

  2. John in IL Says:

    But what if you were to, uh, put it in and go sit in a tanning bed?

    That’s called getting your money’s worth and helping Mother Gaia at the same time.

  3. Never. That evil bitch is the one who keeps fertilizing and feeding the bamboo in our backyard that we want gone before it takes the fence down and eats the koi pond.

    Just for that, I’m switching back to lead-acid.

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