Captions for Queers!

July 16, 2007

I figured I better find some kind of gimmick to get the party started here!  I settled on a caption contest (originality has never been my strong suit). 

This week’s picture: 


And the original caption:

Pretty-in-pink… Victoria Beckham arrives for the LA Galaxy news conference introducing her husband.

Yawn…I know one of you clever bitches can think of something better than that.  Prove me right.  You too can be a winner.*

*I will be the sole judge of the winner.  The winner will be announced at approximately this same time next week.  The winner gets absolutely nothing  except for the fame of me pronouncing you the winner.  If you don’t like my choice of the winner, go fuck yourself.


3 Responses to “Captions for Queers!”

  1. “Jenni Craig announced today its new advertising campaign featuring Perez Hilton”

  2. Jamie Says:

    “As you can see, Posh has landed a lucrative deal to be the spokesmodel for the new Crayola Fashion line.”

  3. Gunn Says:

    Nothing … but suddenly I’m inspired to go find some Penelope Pitstop on youtube.

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