Where’s my flying car?

July 22, 2007


Growing up, I always thought that once we hit the year 2000, the future would automatically begin.  I was six and figured all of that 1970’s science fiction would immediately become science fact.   What a disappointment (as I type this on my personal computer that instantly displays my thoughts to the entire world).

That brings me to Paleo-Future: “A look into the future that never was”. This blog is chock full of interesting tidbits; from the serious, to the ironic, to the just plain fun. And that’s only this week!

The picture is from this post, referencing lolcat (another internet meme I’ve never heard of). If I’d only known I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? was about cats, I would have been on that link like stink on (cat)shit.

(h/t yellow is the color)


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