Consolation prize

July 27, 2007


My only joy from the latest attack on smokers comes from this article about the increased use of patio heaters in the UK causing further global warming.

From the article:

It also looks at the issue of patio heaters and pubs, which has exacerbated the problem. In fascinating research published earlier this year, British Gas found that the smoking ban in pubs in Scotland, adopted in March 2006, had led to an enormous increase in use of the heaters, as they were bought to warm outside areas where smokers were still permitted to puff. Half of all pubs in Scotland bought at least one patio heater after the ban, and many bought several. British Gas calculated that at least 40,000 new patio heaters would be bought by English pubs for the smoking ban south of the border, which came in on 1 July.

I’ll take “Unintended Consequences” for $100, Alex.


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