Expanding horizons (or How my afro saved my life)

July 28, 2007

With all the Pottermania going on lately, I’m feeling  a bit left out.  I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books and I certainly haven’t seen any of the movies.  In fact, I don’t even like going to the movies.  The movie house scene from Earthquake (saw it on TV) with Victoria Principal (looking all Pam Grier) always pops into my head whenever I’m in a theater:

That got me thinking. What other movies haven’t I seen? So I went to the American Film Institute website (registration required) to check out the 2007 list of the top 100 movies (you can find the list here without registering).

Out of their top 100 films, I’ve seen 22. Out of the top ten, I’ve seen three: Schindler’s List(#8), Vertigo(#9), and The Wizard of Oz(#10)(quite a combo there).

I have never seen Gone with the Wind. I have never seen The Godfather (I,II or III). I have never seen Casablanca. The list goes on (and on).

Most of these movies are so ingrained into our cultural psyche that you don’t have to actually watch them to get the references. I wonder though if I’m missing something by not seeing them. Any suggestions as to what I should watch (or if I should bother)?


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