A line I won’t cross

July 29, 2007


I stumbled upon this site (very cool) last night featuring the latest in feline fashion.

I’ll admit that I have a certain weakness for all things Hello Kitty.   And putting stuff on your cat, now that’s pure comedy gold.  But combining the two is a bit too much for me.  Not sure exactly why, but it is.  And what’s the point of dressing your cat up as another cat anyway?

(h/t someone I can’t remember right now; it’ll come to me…I smell an update)

(Duh update:  ICHC, of course.)


2 Responses to “A line I won’t cross”

  1. Hello Kitty is some sort of insidious plot to melt American minds and prepare us for the ultimate revenge for World War II.

    Then again, I think the same thing about SAP…..

  2. […] …or somewhere in the land of scratching your eyes out and peeing on your furniture as revenge for the humiliation (similar to this). […]

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