I have naked ladies in my backyard

July 31, 2007


My naked ladies are back.  Before you get concerned, I’m referring to Amaryllis belladonna , the flowers shown in the picture above (aka Suprise Lilies/Resurrection Lilies).

Nature can throw some pretty weird shit at you .  Naked ladies are in this category.   It pops up out of the ground in the spring with all this daffodil looking foliage (or foilage as Marge Simpson would say).  After growing heartily for a few weeks, the leaves then whither and die (The first time this happened, I felt like such a failure).  But then, in mid summer, the flowers decide to make a fashionably late appearance.  Sans leaves, these naked stalks burst out of the ground and in short order are topped with these beautiful pink flowers. 

The only thing that bothers me about this nature freak show is that when I see them, I realize summer is more than half over.


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