August 4, 2007


Who get’s the blame for the bridge collapse in Minneapolis? That’s the question du jour.

As an answer, this Star Tribune editorial writer says our “tight fists” are the cause. He calls it:

the chickens coming home to roost. In a sense, a self-fulfilling prophecy. A product of low-tax/no-tax attempts by narrow interest groups to persuade our citizens that we can run our government “on the cheap.” We can’t.

and says this:

No one “likes” taxes. Nor do I. But the low-tax/no-tax folks play off of this dislike by starving vital government activities, then proclaiming how ineffective and inefficient are government services. It is a calculated, self-inflicted, self-fulfilling prophecy. As concerned citizens who care about our fine state, we must not allow them to sell us this fiction. Indeed, the fact is we are no longer the high-tax state these groups try to characterize us as.

In other words, we need more taxes to remedy the problem. Funny thing is, Minnesota’s government isn’t exactly cheap when it comes to taxing or spending.  According to the Census Bureau, Minnesota has the fourth highest per capita state tax in the land. And when it comes to spending those tax dollars, from 1990 to the most recently enacted biennial budget, spending has increased 153%.  You call that starving? 

(cherry on top:  State predicts $2 billion budget surplus over next three years)



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