On (not) being a Bear

August 10, 2007


Recent commenter QuakerJono has decided he is a “Bear”.  Maybe “decided” is the wrong word. Either you are a bear or you’re not a bear. For my straight readers, a bear is a (sometimes) big, (usually) hairy and (sometimes) butch gay guy (or some combination of the three).  If you’re straight and confused, come join me in the gay and confused crowd.

Sigh…at least he has the option. I’ll never get the chance of being a bear.

With my genetic background (curse you Denmark),  I can count the hair on my chest with one hand.  Facially speaking, sideburns are out of the question.  My  mustache might be ok but it is blond and hard to see.  The hair on my chin comes in nicely but is a disastrous mix of red and grey hair (Hello, the carpet should match the drapes).   Add to that, I’m six feet tall and I weigh 160# soaking wet.  Not exactly beefy.  The final strike against me:  I have a proclivity for prancing. 

Oh well.   You gotta work with what you got.


3 Responses to “On (not) being a Bear”

  1. QuakerJono Says:

    First, I thought we were going to use all lower case when calling me by my “recent commenter” handle, hmm?

    Second, I’m not really sure I’ve decided I’m a Bear as, quite honestly, I’m still not completely sure what that means. You put forth the same general definition I was working with, but there appears to be layers upon layers within the general designation and it’s becoming very confusing. NDT has promised an article explaining everything and using hotlinks to illustrate his points, so until I see that, I’m just there because Match.com has grown tiresome (and expensive) and eHarmony.com doesn’t play well with the gays.

    By the way, I finally let my beard grow in and it betrayed me with a brown/grey mix, so I feel the pain.

  2. John in IL Says:

    I just couldn’t bring myself to starting a post with a lowercase letter and I’m eagerly awaiting the NDT definition of “a Bear” (I need these things explained to me in detail)

  3. Steve Clark Says:

    Interesting article. So what is a bear then? ummm food for thought!!!

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