August 15, 2007


I read this letter to the editor the other day entitled “I will remember when I vote”  in the River Cities’ Reader (one of those free papers that you read because you’re eating lunch and the people around you are ugly) regarding the outrage felt by one local citizen who was upset over being kicked out of a John McCain “meet and greet”.

Some highlights:

I have attended many “meet the candidate” events, and as usual I was cordial and shook hands with anyone that approached me in my position toward the back. I met a friend from high school and was having a conversation with a nice man who wasn’t a McCain supporter but had family that was on the staff of his campaign when a Bettendorf police car pulled up to the front of the house, and an officer made his way to the back yard.

The police officer walked through the people and directly to me, and he asked me to come speak with him in front of the house. He said that this event was invitation-only, and because I wasn’t invited I had to leave.

and this little gem:

I have my suspicions why I was treated like a criminal when a simple “sorry, you are not on the guest list” from the staff would have sufficed. I have a long ponytail and a beard, and there is still discrimination against people who look like I do in our free society. Either John McCain doesn’t want to represent me, his campaign is afraid that I might be called on in the “question and answer” period and ask a pointed question that he would want to avoid, or his local staff or the host are just prejudiced snobs.

Long hair and pony tails gets you kicked out? Huh?  Now, I’m thinking to myself, there has to more to the story than this.   So I put on my Geraldo hat (and nose) to see if I can find out who this guy really is. 

My first stop (again thank you Google) got me to this video.  The musical intro is a bit long  (we’re talking about hippies here) but it is well worth the wait. One good thing about him; he’s not the guy  wearing that awful plaid sweater. 

 My second stop, the courthouse. Turns out he has had more than a few run-ins with the police.

In any case, what are the chances Mr. Offendedandoutraged would’ve voted for McCain anyway.  McCain will be lucky to get the nonpotsmoking vote.


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