John vs the Volcano

August 16, 2007


Anyone in the midwest will tell you that this past week has been especially hot and humid.  In my tortuous way of amusing myself,  I decided (about late June, before the heat) that I wasn’t going to turn on my air conditioning this year.   I’m not a big A/C user anyway (I ran it for a total of about three weeks last year) and  I figured that generations before me didn’t have A/C and I too could manage without it.    I’ve made it this far but it is beginning to wear on me.  It is currently 87 degrees in my house and the humidity is so thick I have to chew my air to breath. 

To bolster my spirits I decided to make a list of the positives of going A/C free.

1.  I wait all year for summer to get here.  It would be rude to not let her come in the front door. 

2.   Sleeping with the A/C on plugs up my nose.

3.  I love having my windows open to be able to hear and smell the outside world. 

4.  The cats like to sit in the windowsills.

5.  I’m stubborn.  That bitch Gaia ain’t gonna get the best of me.

6.  It gives me an excuse to run around in my skivies.

7.  Martyrs make better lovers (ok, I made that one up).

8.  I give those assholes at the power company enough money in the winter.  Bite it, MidAmerican Energy.

9.  My carbon footprint is soooooooooo much smaller than Al Gore’s (and the rest of you bitches).

10.  It makes for a great topic of conversation at parties (oh, air-conditioned parties; sweet, sweet, air-conditioned parties)


9 Responses to “John vs the Volcano”

  1. QuakerJono Says:

    I salute you, sir, while at the same time thinking you are a fool. A hot, sweaty fool.

    This, of course, might play out to your advantage.

    I will admit, though, that I’m…well, let’s say concerned about my first electrical bill in this house with me actually living here. I kept my apartments a certain temperature and the bills were bad enough. After I get a look at the bill for this place, I may be adopting your strategy myself.

  2. Jamie Says:

    We, too, have foregone the A/C this year. (And it’s been in the high, humid 80’s & 90’s for over a month even in Vermont so don’t go there.)

    Mostly it’s because of the damnable power bill.

  3. John in IL Says:

    I am going to go there Jamie. What’s your zip code? I want to see how the weather in VT compares to IL.

  4. Here I keep trying to post a nice link to show you what the weather is like here, and it keeps blocking it.

  5. John in IL Says:

    Your weather in August. My weather in August. I’ll gladly swap ya.

    And I checked my electric rates. You do pay more. If you used what I did on my last month’s bill, your bill would be about $10 more than mine(not including taxes).

  6. John in IL Says:

    Sorry NDT, it was caught in the spam filter. It’s up now. And your weather is way too freakin’ cold for me. I’d rather have the heat.

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