Saturday night grab bag (or a week’s worth of work all in one night)

August 19, 2007


I couldn’t decide which of these  topics were worthy of their own post. They all popped into my head tonight.  I decided to save all of us some time and post them all at once.

Japan hates me

One of the most enjoyable parts (for me) of my blog is that map of the world showing where all my visitors come from (on my side bar). I don’t need to visit the world. The world visits me.

That said, I’m a bit sad that no one from Japan has been here (WTF, someone from Brunei found me). I’m beginning to believe Hello Kitty is just a clever marketing trick played on the Occidentals.

(la la la la la la) I smurf the Smurfs

Jamie got me thinking about cartoons in 80s (more like product placement vehicles, if you ask me).

Being a bit (ahem) older, the only 80s cartoon I watched (and loved) was The Smurfs. I even had the Smurfs Colecovision game (it was lame; as was Colecovision).

Part of my attraction to the Smurfs has to be that “smurf” (in The Smurfs’ world) is the most versatile word evah.

Just for the fun of it:

And if you’re really bored, go find your inner Smurf.

Rolling basslines

NDT got me thinking about bass (the instrument, not the fish). That reminded me that I forgot to add “rolling bassline” to the list of things that make me like a song.

An older example:

A newer example:

The Celtic Games

Next weekend, big beefy guys in skirts, who like throwing large inanimate obects around, will be in my neighborhood. Did I mention they serve beer? Guess where I’ll be.

See,  I saved you bitches from a painful week of posts.  You owe me!


3 Responses to “Saturday night grab bag (or a week’s worth of work all in one night)”

  1. QuakerJono Says:

    Mmm, men in skirts with giant cabers.

  2. John in IL Says:

    I forgot to mention the grunting. Grunts like you’ve never heard before. I guess throwing a telephone pole around does that to you. (I just gave myself the shivers)

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