Here’s my library card (because I’m checking you out)

August 27, 2007


I do so love ogling men.  Sometimes I get away with it, sometimes not.  Today, not.  Hot shirtless neighbor guy was mowing his lawn.  I tried to be nonchalant about the looking.  The look I attempted was “hey, I’m looking around randomly in your general direction, admiring your hostas and the paint color of your shutters”.  It didn’t work.  It seems I crossed that fine line.  The look I got back was “hey faggot, what are you looking at?”.  Not exactly what I was going for.  Oh well, practice makes perfect.


4 Responses to “Here’s my library card (because I’m checking you out)”

  1. Death to manscaping.

    And manshaving, and manwaxing, and mandippinginNair, and whatever else destroys what God Himself placed on our asses and backs and said, “This is GOOD”.

  2. John in IL Says:

    Some of us aren’t so blessed by a thicket of back and ass hair.

  3. LOL….the point is not how much you have, but that you don’t try to get rid of it. 🙂

  4. […] funner (I know) part is I saw (now former) neighbor guy at the bar. I waved and mouthed “hey” to him. To my surprise, he came over and sat with […]

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