Blonde facts (is that an oxymoron or just a regular moron?)

September 6, 2007


In my research(err, ok) for my last post I ran across this 2005 article from the very scientific Allure magazine.  Here are some highlights (giggle):

5: Percentage of American adults who are naturally blonde.

2: Percentage of the world population that is naturally blonde.

42: Percentage of American women who color their hair who choose blonde.

70: Percentage of those who don’t who say they would choose blonde.

120,000: Average number of hairs natural blondes have on their heads.

100,000: Average number of hairs brunettes have on their heads.

76: Percentage of women who think the first female president will have brown hair.

58: Percentage of blondes who think they have more fun.

91: Percentage of blondes who think they are more popular with men.

18: Percentage of men who think blondes have better love lives than other women.

$51,000: Amount an Australian Ph.D. student was awarded to study the dumb-blonde myth.

$200 million: Amount Reese Witherspoon earned as a smart blonde in two Legally Blonde films.

2,270,000: Number of blonde-joke sites on Google.

216,000: Number of redhead-joke sites on Google.


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