Money trumps melancholy

September 10, 2007


Money can’t buy happiness, my ass.  

I accepted an offer on my latest flip!  This is a good thing because I was about down to my last goddamned dime (I live on the edge). The offer is close to asking price (within 2%) and it’s nice and clean.  A traditional 10% down mortgage (no hinky loan program) and the only inspections the buyer wants is furnace/ac and radon.

If it hadn’t sold, I was going to move into it myself.  I just loved this house.   I don’t feel that way about all of them.  Usually I’m so sick of the work that, by the end, I never want to see them again (although I do have a tendency to drive by past projects).  But nevermind. Happy days are here again!

(for the complete story see here, here, here and here)


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