Unattractive pretty people

October 4, 2007


John Edwards pisses me off.    Watch this:

The highlight:

But I don’t understand why somebody who makes $50 million a year pays Social Security tax on the first $97,000 and somebody — and not on the rest — while somebody who makes $85,000 a year pays Social Security tax on every dime of their income

You don’t understand, John? Social Security is (supposedly) an insurance program and not a fucking welfare program.

And this little beauty:

I think we have to be very careful to protect the middle class, so specifically — if I can be very specific — what I would do as president is I would create a protective zone between $97,000 up to around $200,000, because there are a lot of firefighter couples, for example, that make $100,000, $115,000 a year. We don’t want to raise taxes on them.

Oh yeah, “the middle class”, those people making between $97,000 and $200,000 a year. Someone should tell John that those people are included in the top 10% income bracket. Middle class my ass.



5 Responses to “Unattractive pretty people”

  1. QuakerJono Says:

    “Firefighter couples”? I don’t know if Edwards’ economic policies make fiscal sense, but I do know that THEY ARE SMOKIN’ HAWT!

  2. And also are “the rich” that he is constantly railing about and blaming for everything from global warming to a bad batch of hair gel.

    And if you really want to get pissed off, consider that Social Security benefits rise on a non-linear scale. Your benefit amount is calculated based on your average monthly income, but the dollars count differently; for your first $627 of monthly income you are credited 90%, for the next up to $3,779 per month you are credited 32%, and for anything above that, you are credited a paltry 15% as your final benefit.

    In other words, if you make $500 a month, you and your employer pay just under 13% in Social Security deduction ($65) and your Social Security benefit is $450 — 90% of your current income and almost seven times what you’ve paid in taxes.

    But if you make $5000 a month (a mere $60k per year, if you think about it), your benefit is $1,723 ($564 + $1,009 + $150) while you and your employer paid $650 — less than 35% of your current income and barely over 2.5 times what you paid in taxes.

    Basically put, Social Security punishes success and rewards the opposite.

  3. John in IL Says:

    Good point. People complain about the regressivity of payroll taxes but forget about the progressivity of the benefit structure.

  4. QuakerJono Says:

    And yet none of us here are ever going to have to worry about it unless we become disabled because by the time any of us are old enough to draw from it, it’ll be gone.

    Now, could we please get back to the economic policy that gives me back a couple of SMOKIN’ HAWT FIREFIGHTERS every year as my refund?

  5. John in IL Says:

    I gave you some firefighters 🙂

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