Weirdness at Walgreens

October 7, 2007


My daily trip to Walgreens for ciggies turned into a Twilight Zone/America’s Most Wanted moment today.  I had my 70 year old mother with me as she needed a few things too.   I got my cigs and hurried back to the car.  While waiting for Mother to finish her business, I’m watching the flashing Walgreens sign.  Like usual, they are  advertising 2 for 1 this and an unbelievable price on that (I almost went back in). In between the awesome offers for Tampex and Tylenol, they flashed an Amber Alert: Look for a white Ford Taurus with the Illinois license plate X23, the sign said. I thought, oh shit, this is serious.  Like the good citizen I am, I started scanning the parking lot. Who knows who shops at Walgreens? After about a whole 20 seconds of the Amber Alert, the Walgreens sign switched back to price cuts on Pringles. I had to laugh (although I did keep looking for that white Ford Taurus the rest of the day).


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