EXTREME PAINTING! (or Toxic but fun)

November 9, 2007

For any of my fans out there curious about my latest flip, I’m still looking for it. In the mean time, I do what I have to do (and no, whoring is not an option). I’m currently working on someone else’s flip. She isn’t going to make any money on it (I tried to tell her…) but luckily I can. Anyway, I’ve been painting my ass off all week. The last three days have been spent working on the basement (yuck). Dirty, moldy, peeling paint. Cobwebs everywhere. The prep work, as always, sucked. If I seem especially stupid, I’m sure I’ve inhaled way more than my fair share of lead paint particles for the year. It’s not all bad, you do get that special lead paint/mold/dust buzz.

The fun began today with the paint sprayer. It’s like the fun of power washing but with color! (and I’m talking about a real paint sprayer here, not those pieces of shit made by Wagner). What would take a week’s worth of work with a brush and roller, takes only a couple of hours. There is some finesse involved so you can’t go crazy with it but I’m good at finesse.  I do loves me my power tools.

As always, there is a downside. I wear a cheap mask when doing this so I end up with a paint ring around my mouth (where the mask was) and the ever popular paint boogers (and I wonder why I don’t have a boyfriend).


5 Responses to “EXTREME PAINTING! (or Toxic but fun)”

  1. QuakerJono Says:

    So, just to be clear, you recommend Wagner paint sprayers?

  2. Jamie Says:

    mmmmmm. Power tools.

  3. colio2007 Says:

    that’s the spirit! waiting to flip out, and power painting in the meantime. paint boogers — that’s a new one to me. but i bet SOMEONE out there has a painter boy fetish.

  4. John in IL Says:

    Here’s hoping. And I look good in Dickies.

  5. And a Carhartt jacket, too, I’m sure.

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