It’s not all about teh kittehs

November 10, 2007

Not a big union fan but if Chris says it’s ok, I’m good with it.

A couple of pics of Chris at the picket line of the writers’ strike(click to enlarge):


Here he is with the Reno 911 guys:


As someone mentioned on his blog, that’s some pathetic strike signage (they’re writers, for Christ’s sake)


4 Responses to “It’s not all about teh kittehs”

  1. QuakerJono Says:

    Someone’s got a man crush…

  2. John in IL Says:

    Man crushes are the best.

  3. colio2007 Says:

    i’m not a big union fan either. in fact i was raised to believe that unions were major impediments to progress. somehow, though, my view has changed in the case of this strike. what you have here are people demanding fair remuneration for their intellectual capital. if they don’t get paid for digital now, they are forfeiting their future independence. i hope the strike goes on and really shakes up the whole marketplace. i’d love to see the writers cease working with the major studios and instead form their own creative collectives to produce and distribute their work.

  4. John in IL Says:

    You’re right. It will get very interesting seeing how the market reacts now that viewers have so many other choices. The union doesn’t have the monopoly on entertainment that it did the last time it went on strike.

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