I should have known better

November 29, 2007

Yes, I watched another YouTube debate.  My first thought: Wow, I coulda had a V-8!

One of the worst questions of the evening came from this guy (an Illinoisan, of course. On a positive note, he gets my nomination for best actor in the debate):

For those of you too lazy to watch a YouTube video, here is his question:

Over the years politicians have borrowed just under 2 trillion dollars from the social security trust fund to cover these massive budget deficts and now the retirements of our generation are now at risk. What will you do as president to help repay this money and restore the trust?

My question:  How can you borrow from a trust fund that consists of government bonds(ie borrowing). There is no money in the SS trust fund to borrow from.  And something everyone seems to miss/forget/ignore:  each time the government spends Social Security tax receipts on something other than Social Security, the Social Security Trust Fund grows. Both political parties like to play this trust fun(d) game and most Americans (obviously) don’t understand what it means.


One Response to “I should have known better”

  1. PatrickP Says:

    I hate stupid people.

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