Frankie Goes to Bethlehem

December 7, 2007

The FGTH video for this song: 

A sample of the lyrics:

Ill protect you from the hooded claw
Keep the vampires from your door
When the chips are down Ill be around
With my undying, death-defying
Love for you

Envy will hurt itself
Let yourself be beautiful
Sparkling love, flowers
And pearls and pretty girls
Love is like an energy
Rushin rushin inside of me

Ahhh, doesn’t that just scream Christmas.


One Response to “Frankie Goes to Bethlehem”

  1. […] Frankie Goes To Hollywood singing, what can only charitably described as a Christmas carol, “The Power of Love“, well, I’m not big on boxing metaphor, but it certainly felt like a solid body blow.  […]

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