col hearts Styx (or Styx hearts col)

December 13, 2007

Thank God col has too much time on her hands.

Without her, I would have never seen this TV treasure:

or learned about the Bukkake Coffee Guy.  

In honor of your boredom, col:

(handclap alert!)


One Response to “col hearts Styx (or Styx hearts col)”

  1. […] December 13, 2007 · No Comments my workplace boredom is a blessing, this i understand. it enables me to troll all corners of the web, socialize and entertain myself while i remain trapped in my office like a veal in a wooden crate. i know, i know, bust out already. i’m workin’ on it bitches: to be continued. and in the meantime, i take tremendous pleasure in the fabulous finds promoted by my erudite, earnest blogfriends. […]

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