Russell Roberts’ take on the pending stimulus package:

Love that word—stimulus. It sounds so scientific. With the right stimulus, you can even make the leg of a dead frog twitch. A heart attack victim gets the stimulus from those chest paddles and bam. Back to life. My online dictionary defines stimulus as something that “rouses or incites to activity.” Sounds like the perfect prescription for an ailing economy.

But if politicians know how to stimulate the economy, why wait for a recession? If you can make the economy grow, why wait for bad times?

One answer is that a healthy patient doesn’t need medicine. But the other possibility is that it’s all hot air. Maybe we don’t know how to make a $14 trillion economy move very quickly. And if we did, it would take a lot more than an injection of even 125 billion dollars.


Breaking up is hard to do: 

and you have to learn to let that love go:


More (disturbing) local news:

Earlier this week, Jerry Miller found the carcass of a badly mutilated deer in his backyard in the 4400 block of 34th Avenue. Along with blood spatters and matted fur, he found large tracks. He called Bill Christman, owner of Christman’s Wildlife Service, who believes the tracks were too big to be from a dog or coyote.

Mr. Christman said he believes the tracks were made by a gray wolf.

That’s fucking great. I already had a close encounter with a wild turkey at an ATM.  Now I have to worry about wolves in Illinois?

Grab what you can, bitches:

If you’re rich, drugs are necessary :

Looks + Brains = Money:


What is this, you ask?  Unfortunately, it is the map of my congressional district,  the 17th district of Illinois to be exact.  I call it the Fonzie fetus with a wang map.

Here is the tour from north to south: It starts at the end of that big pompadour in Sterling and heads westward toward chez moi.   It then follows the river southwest to Quincy (ignoring that birth defect that is Kewanee and the chin of nothing but corn), then east through the middle of God Only Knows, Illinois.   This is where it gets fun.   Turn north at God Only Knows and you enter the wang of the 17th district.  It consists of parts of Springfield ending up in Decatur.  And when I say parts, I mean laughably small parts. 

Here is a close up of the Springfield part of the wang:


I guess those people on Williams Street in Springfield have much more in common with me, 200 miles away, than they do with their neighbors on West Allen Street.  

Shit like this makes me wonder if it is even worth it. 

UPDATE:  I forgot.  We were featured on The Colbert Report.

Local news alert:

A Davenport woman faces criminal charges for allegedly attacking her husband with a weapon she made from a can of corn and a sock.

Speaking louder makes you popular (and dance in a funky way):

Smoking is fun and you should live with it:

But wait, there’s more… 

Frostiness makes everything taste better: