Too much time on my hands (part 2)

January 12, 2008

For those of you who are bored at work or have lots of time on your hands in general, I recommend my two latest internet game obessions to fill the void:   Farm Hustle and Desktop Tower Defense. Both games are equally annoying (and addicting).


5 Responses to “Too much time on my hands (part 2)”

  1. Quakerjono Says:

    God Damn you. Now I’m getting absolutely nothing done.

    I mean, I won’t get anything done. I wasn’t going to get anything done tonight because I had saki and martinis.

    No, not at the same time.

    Where was I? Oh, yeah.

    God Damn You.

  2. John in IL Says:

    So what level did you get too? And you’re welcome.

  3. Quakerjono Says:

    Level 5…AND CLIMBING!

  4. John in IL Says:

    I’ve made it to seven once but usually bite it around level three.

  5. Quakerjono Says:

    Seven is annoying because everything is a light color and I can’t focus on individual animals. Bah.

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