Instant satisfaction (or Where’s my spoon?)

February 7, 2008


When you’re on a mountain and  you really need a drink:

Mountaineering gourmands no longer have to forgo a glass of red wine after conquering a peak. Trekking Mahlzeiten has now launched a new red wine in the form of a powder. The beverage powder that comes in convenient portions packed in pouches has an alcoholic content of 9,27%, which is similar to a light bottled wine. A matching mulled wine has also been developed for expeditions in snow and the cold – for celebrating the special moment at night camp.

A good idea, yes,  but isn’t it easier to just mix some vodka with this?:


2 Responses to “Instant satisfaction (or Where’s my spoon?)”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    So this is what the Swiss have been doing? Oh, you sneaky Swiss, what with your knives, clocks, hole-riddled cheese and powdered blue-berry soup.

  2. DirkStar Says:




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