Frequent commenter superdave has a great post about his daughter choosing a college

And once again, I’m reminded that I don’t have any of these markers of time in my life. Getting older to me is just getting older. No children. Just cats dying before I do.

This depresses me a bit. We’re about the same age and he’s worrying about/planning for his children’s future when my main goal in life is submitting a funny lolcat to I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER.

At least I have Chris. He gives me hope (and moobs):


I spent yesterday in a crusty old bar (btw, it’s never a good idea to start drinking at 1:00 in the afternoon (see previous day’s posts)).   Fun time had by all but I had to face my evil nemesis:   the cloth towel dispenser.  You know what I’m talking about.  Those awful rolls of towels in metal dispensers.  The ones you have to crank until you find a dry/clean spot.  Yuck!  And like 90% of them, this one didn’t work/was out of towels.   So I did the only thing I could.   I used my pants to dry my hands.  The only saving grace was that the door on the bathroom was a push out.  Or hands free, as I like to call them.

I’m so used to going to casinos where everything is automated.  The urinal flushes when you walk away, the water turns on when you place your hands under the faucet and paper towels magically appear with a wave of the hand.  No touching where someone else’s nasty hands have been.   A germaphobes dream.  It makes losing money that much more enjoyable (until I think about the guy that didn’t wash his hands playing my machine).

Anyway, through the power of alcohol, I survived.  After much beer (and an order of chicken nuggets), I didn’t care so much.  

And I’m thinking about buying this

Tulsa, here I come

March 29, 2008


Danger excites me.   Preparing for danger is even better.  Add Wal-Mart to the mix and I’m out of my mind.  This story has it in spades.

Wal-Mart teamed up with the National Weather service not only to promote weather radios, but to promote things that you need in an emergency. They say $2 and $3 items like batteries, and whistles, can be enough to save your life

And just when you think it couldn’t get any better:

“I think a lot of people are unsure of what to have in case of an emergency,” said shopper Daniel Craig.

I can survive on candlelight and Daniel Craig for a long time.

Just like me

March 29, 2008

In the style of…

Kitteh says what?

March 28, 2008



The entire city of Chicago (population: 3 million) has only ONE Wal-Mart store. And politicians are fighting to stop them from building another one

What’s not to like?

This thriving Wal-Mart is on the site of what had been a virtually abandoned building. The store provides jobs for more than 440 employees—it’s currently hiring more—at average wages for hourly workers of about $12 an hour. In the 18 months the store has been open (through February), it has collected nearly $7.3 million in sales taxes alone—$1.9 million for the city, $3.9 million for the state, $917,000 for the RTA and $583,000 for Cook County. And it’s a convenient shopping mecca for Chicagoans.

You would think the City of Chicago would want more of all of this: More jobs. More sales and property tax revenues. More convenient shopping opportunities. You would think the city would want fewer vacant lots.

Maybe this is the problem.

(I had no choice) 

If you enjoy hopping, (for the love of God) use your feet:

that is, unless you own an ’96 Fleetwood:

and party hopping is not allowed (unless you live in Pennsylvania or Michigan):