No, you can’t have that hour back

March 9, 2008


The other day I said to myself, “Becky, you need to spend more quality time on the internets. You’re wasting your life away with those online Sudoku puzzles”.

I think I’ve found the solution:

Here you’ll find hundreds of b movies that have been lost in the wasteland of forgotten cinema. No sign-up or log-in needed, just hours and hours of B movie bliss.

So far I’ve watched the post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie, A Boy and His Dog (starring a very young Don Johnson) and the made for TV horror flick, Satan’s School for Girls (starring pre-Charlie’s Angels Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd and the Daniel Craigish Roy Thinnes).

I haven’t decided on tonight’s feature yet. Dementia 13 sounds interesting.


5 Responses to “No, you can’t have that hour back”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    Okay, I’ll admit it. I loved “A Boy and His Dog” and I have watched “Satan’s School for Girls” (all the way through). What? You started it.

  2. John in IL Says:

    Since you are such a connoisseur of b movies, any suggestions?

  3. superdave524 Says:

    Plan 9 from Outer Space is always a crowd pleaser. Bela Lugosi starred as a space vampire. He died part-way into the movie, and they apparently continued on with the role without him. The replacement just kept his cape pulled up to his face. Wonderful, awful movie.

  4. Quakerjono Says:

    I love the site, I do, but I have to quibble about a few of its selections. As a friend pointed out, “Metropolis” is most definitely not a b-movie. For its time, it was the most expensive film ever produced, costing over $200 million in today’s dollars to make. Also, how DARE they call “Sister Street Fighter” a b-movie. That shit’s a goddamn CLASSIC! Same with “Gamera The Invincible”.

    Yes, I realize this is being overly critical, but still.

    I did enjoy “Flash Gordon and the Brain Machine” because, for at least the first half of it, Flash Gordon appears to not actually own a shirt. And yeah, those 1950s Saturday afternoon sci-fi reels definitely do qualify for “b” status. And definitely check out “Carnival of Souls”. Ah, simpler times.

  5. colio2007 Says:

    i loved flash gordon and the brain machine too. rad site!

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