Taboo (or Games black people like)

May 12, 2008

I’m so disappointed. Barack totally lost a teaching moment here:

The marathon Democratic primary means stressed out candidates—so how do they relax? In the case of Democratic frontrunner Senator Barack Obama it seems as though board games are his choice for a break. This evening on a flight from Washington, DC to Portland, Oregon Obama was challenged to a game of Taboo. The game pits teams against each other to guess different words, but players are forbidden to say certain clues. Instead, teams have to describe the word to elicit a response out of their team members. The game is something the press corps has picked up on recently to endure the long flights.

The game got competitive pitting the press versus Obama and his staffers. At one point a reporter standing next to Obama gave the clue, “This is where Senator Obama said his bitter comments.” The answer: California. Obama chuckled, “I came back here to get away from this.”

In another round, one staffer gave the clue of where a Gay person shops. Senator Obama guessed “Abercrombie and Fitch,” but the staff member was trying to get his team to say “Gap.”

Now if he wanted to score some points, he would have said this:

“Because of George Bush’s economy, teh gays can no longer afford to shop at anywhere but Wal-Mart, whose employees aren’t paid a living wage and aren’t provided health care benefits. And since teh gays wouldn’t be caught dead in a Wal-Mart anyway, they are unfairly forced to wear last year’s fashions. Teh gays need change too.”

(and for the record, I haven’t shopped at The Gap since 1992 (when I stopped matching my shirts to my socks))

(h/t Gay Patriot)


2 Responses to “Taboo (or Games black people like)”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    I thought Taboo was great on Fantasy Island, “Da Plane, Boss, Da Plane!”. No, wait, that was Tatoo. Sorry.

  2. John in IL Says:

    Tattoo…another example of a minority being unfairly taken advantage of by the evil corporatists.

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