Red, gold and green (and annoying)

May 23, 2008

For anyone who wonders why I don’t trust Democrats to stay out of my life, I give you this:

Fried shrimp on a bed of jasmine rice and a side of mango salad, all served on a styrofoam plate. Bottled water to wash it all down.

These trendy catering treats are unlikely to appear on the menu at parties sponsored by the Denver 2008 Host Committee during the Democratic National Convention this summer.

Fried foods are forbidden at the committee’s 22 or so events, as is liquid served in individual plastic containers. Plates must be reusable, like china, recyclable or compostable. The food should be local, organic or both.

And caterers must provide foods in “at least three of the following five colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple, and white,” garnishes not included, according to a Request for Proposals, or RFP, distributed last week.

You know that has to cost some serious coin. I like this proposal instead:

If the Democrats were serious about eating green, they could surely just have some army cooks make a few thousand quarts of nice healthy lentil stew for everybody. What they want is credit for environmental rigour without sacrificing their bourgeois right to fine dining. And if they have to waste a certain amount of energy, effort and money, so be it.

Boy George put it nicely

I’m a man without conviction
I’m a man who doesnt know
How to sell a contradiction


2 Responses to “Red, gold and green (and annoying)”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    Yeah, and Obama smokes cigs. Wonder how he’ll appease his nicotine demon?

  2. John in IL Says:


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