No, sorry, that’s why I come here.

Anyway, my top ten clicks (the linksĀ that visitors to my blog actually clicked to read or see more):


9. Mitt Romney’s sons’ (now defunct) Five Brothers blog

8. Cats that look like Hitler

7. Kevin and Patrick’s Blog

6. Pic of eastern European oil wrestlers

5. Pic of some guy wearing high heels trying to win Hannah Montana tickets

4. Craig Romney’s myspace page

3. Marc Bartolomeo’s website

2. Forgotten Beatitudes (the Quaker’s blog)

and finally…

1. A pic of Mother Teresa

Draw your own conclusions.

(title stolen directly from CwC)


Kitteh mercenary

June 29, 2008

A couple of days ago, Mother calls with news that a mouse has invaded her house. She threatened that she couldn’t stay there (implied: I’ll come stay with you) knowing that there is a mouse on the loose. That shit ain’t happening so I set traps around her house. No luck. Either the mouse didn’t like the digs and vamoosed or it is really clever. In my last ditch effort to keep Mother out of chez moi, I let kitteh #1 (the bunneh/bird/chipmunk killer) go stay with her.

At my house, kitteh #1 is a big pussy. He hasn’t slept in that chair (in the pic) since #3 moved in three years ago. I don’t blame him. #3 is a badass. She had a hardscrabble life before I took her off the streets and she doesn’t take shit from anyone, especially not some weenie trust fund kitteh that has never had a minute’s worth of problems in his life. She’s serious, bitches:

Anyway, Mother called tonight and said Mr. Man is loving life in his new surroundings. He’s finally quit looking over his shoulder waiting for the next attack and has relaxed (I do miss him, though). And if that mouse is still there, it’s history.

(and yeah, I know I’ve posted these pics before but teh kittehs like these the best)

So many of my musical faves of the eighties failed to live up to their potential. Their debut albums were chock full of great music but then they proceeded directly to Selloutville (or Ranoutofideas City).

First example: A Flock of Seagulls. I Ran and Space Age Love Song are classic New Wave hits. Here is the first single from their followup album:

I’ve got nothing against welding but wtf?.

And don’t get me started on Naked Eyes. “Promises, Promises” is on my top ten list of favorite 80s songs. What happened?:

I wanted to know what (in the name of God) they were thinking.

The same goes for Scritti Politti. After the brilliance of Cupid and Psyche, I expected such great things. Instead, I got this shit:

The Tupamaros got a platinum card (all right)
I got a heart of gold and it’s time to get hard (and I like it)

HUH? Sorry. Boom! You suck.

This is all kinds of interesting (from 1943):

(h/t the Tax Foundation)

And a kicker:

Do you remember me whining about not getting a stimulus check? Well either I don’t understand the IRS, I’m stupid or it’s a mistake, but I got a $600 check from teh government (and a $5 rebate check from Ace Hardware) in the mail today. Fanfuckingtabulous! You bet your sweet ass I’ll stimulate the economy.

And is it wrong that I know this song?

It’s summer, bitches. Make up your own rules.