Retro rides (again)

June 2, 2008

That ugly looking pregnant roller skate of a car is making a comeback. I’m talking about the Chevette of the 90s, the Geo Metro. With its 50 mpg fuel efficiency rating, an extremely frugal friend (read cheap bitch) of mine bought one in 1992 and I made fun of her for it (I don’t know why I felt so superior. At the time, I was driving an ’84 Accord with a bungee cord holding up the bumper). If she had only hung on to it (instead of trading up to that big assed Jeep Cherokee after she traded up to that cute(r) husband) she would be in Fat City now (or at least Serious Coin City).

Some recent eBay auctions:

Who says Detroit can’t build an inexpensive fuel efficient car? Oh yeah, the government does. The Metro (as built in 1991) doesn’t meet current safety standards. Anyway, you rock little ugly car. And in your honor:


8 Responses to “Retro rides (again)”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    My first Melanie song was on this album I got when I was ten years old:

  2. John in IL Says:

    I know I’ve said this before Dave but this time I think I got the problem fixed.

    And yeah, NDT, you were on the cutting edge of ugly.

  3. You see ugly, I see “paid for, fits in microscopic parking spots, gets outrageously good city mileage, and can hop curbs, berms, and sidewalks as necessary”. 🙂

    Besides, with the top off, everyone can see you, which really is the most important thing on a vehicle anyway.

  4. superdave524 Says:

    Yeah, my convertible is a mustang, which gets, like, 15 m.p.g. Pretty. Mileage? Pretty awful.

  5. John in IL Says:

    Not really. Since you live in a small town, I assume your commute to work is short. Someone who drives a car with double the gas mileage but who has an hour long commute uses a ton more gas than you do. Even Hummers are fuel efficient if you don’t drive them much.

  6. John in IL Says:

    and we’ve all seen you with your top off, NDT. 😉

  7. […] 17, 2008 As I’ve noted before (here and here and here), high gas prices do have an upside. And I read some more good news in the paper […]

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