Stock, Aitken and Waterman: Rules for hit records

June 7, 2008

If you don’t know those three names you don’t know the greatest pop producers of the 80s and early 90s. Americans know the sound mostly through Rick Astley, Bananarama and Dead or Alive (and even Donna Summer succumbed to their hit making ways). You want a great bassline? SAW delivers. And yes the sound is repetetive and derivative but it is so much fucking fun. You can’t help but shake you ass.

Some of my favorites:

Let’s All Chant by Pat and Mick (Use It Up and Wear It Out is better but I couldn’t post it):

Blame It on the Boogie by Big Fun. What’s not to like? Three hot guys singing a crappy Jackson 5 song:

Respectable by Mel and Kim. Story of my life.


11 Responses to “Stock, Aitken and Waterman: Rules for hit records”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    Color me educated. But you don’t want to see me shake my ass. Really. I’m afraid once I got it started, inertia would keep it going well after the music stopped.

  2. John in IL Says:

    Shaking your ass is great excercise and a hellava lot more fun than running.

  3. superdave524 Says:

    Yeah, but when I run, I don’t scare people.

  4. John in IL Says:

    Don’t tell me you don’t dance when no one else is looking.

  5. superdave524 Says:

    Just me, Billy Idol, and a bunch of zombies. (you got to put in the www yourself)

  6. John in IL Says:

    I think I fixed it so you can post links. Give it a try.

  7. superdave524 Says:

    nope. just tried it.

  8. John in IL Says:

    Fuck. I unmarked your first comment as spam.

    Other people link here with little problem. I don’t know how to fix this. Maybe my spam filter has personal reason for not liking you.

  9. superdave524 Says:

    Maybe it just doesn’t like Billy Idol. Also, it looks like it finally came through anyway.

  10. John in IL Says:

    No, that was me who unmarked it as spam. I love Billy Idol.

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