Tomato, Tomahto

June 17, 2008

When Americans speak, they think that they are the ones speaking English without an accent. I’m sure that goes for other English speaking countries, as well. The English you speak is the “correct” pronunciation of English and everyone else has an accent. Here’s a series of youtube videos where non American English speakers have a go at the American accent and my judgment (or judgement, as the case may be) of their degree of success.

Daniel Radcliffe: (about a minute into the video) Fail

Cute little English girl: (apart from the Ameriker thing) Success

Australian Dustin: (rough start but) Success

Australian redhead: (interesting start but) HUGE Fail (but she has two cats so I forgive her)

Two English girls: Success (coz it’s funny!)


3 Responses to “Tomato, Tomahto”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    Interesting study, there, John. That second girl sounds like my daughter (who, I guess, is trying to sound like she’s from California).

  2. colio2007 Says:

    harry potter is a huge dork.

  3. superdave524 Says:

    He is, isn’t he? Love the books, but you get the idea Daniel Radcliffe both gives and receives far too many wedgies.

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