Missing persons (and memories)

July 13, 2008

I was going to post these pics in the moment (last night) but at that moment I found out I had lost my ability to type.

The highlight of my summer: Moline Fest. Sounds exciting, right? So my friend Sue and I parked our asses right in front of the main (only) stage for the show (Wicked Liz, Tommy Tutone and Missing Persons). I love Sue. She’s a man’s kinda girl. She swears like a sailor, drinks like a fish, and puts up with my shit. That and I make her pose next to hot guys so I can surreptitiously take their pictures (that’s the top of her head at the bottom of the pic):

And yeah, that shit is wrong….in a good way.

This shit is wrong too:

And speaking of wrong…Tommy Tutone:

Actually, he was quite good… but how depressing would it be to have the audience sit on their hands for your entire set of music until you get to your one and only hit (Jenny (867-5309)) and then everyone gets up and dances. Oh well, it worked out for me because da man was back:

I know, he’s not that great, but after four seven ten four dollar beers you really don’t give a fuck.

And then finally I got to see/hear what I wanted to…Missing Persons. I recognized Dale Bozzio immediately:

She sounded and looked great. Although I think the other original members of Missings Persons were missing. Not that I minded:


And like all good parties, they have to end (or do they). I have no idea who these girls are:

This is where it gets fuzzy… somehow I ended up at a party playing beer pong with this guy:

St. Sue drove me home and I woke up alive so I give the evening a thumbs up.


5 Responses to “Missing persons (and memories)”

  1. So you’re complaining about four-dollar beers? Out here, that’s a sale……and we won’t even get into the second mortgage you would have to take out to buy cigarettes.

  2. superdave524 Says:

    Sounds like a great party. I used the model to take pictures of other targets before. Works for me. I am curious about one thing: what’re on the pong dude’s ears?

  3. colio2007 Says:

    stayin’ classy in IL! what’s a shandy?

  4. John in IL Says:

    NDT: That’s why I don’t live where you do (one of many reasons).

    SD: I think those are fingertips (from someone else) but I can’t be sure.

    col: Always classy (I put the assy in classy). And google told me that “Summer Shandy” is some flavor of Leinie. And Summer Shandy would be an excellent drag name!

  5. John in IL Says:

    Summer Shady (summernot) would be right nice too.

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