Agnostic cynics for whatever

October 26, 2008

Buddhist Jew Kate (or would that be Jewish Bud Kate) has a thought provoking review of Bill Maher’s movie Religulous over at her place. I don’t plan on seeing it because when it comes to TV pundits, Bill Maher is right up there with the Bill “This Fucking Thing Sucks” O’Reilly. Smug, angry and ugly doesn’t work for me. Anyway, she makes some interesting points on both the good and bad sides of organized religion.

Here’s her short but sweet synopsis of the movie:

“Because when we think *we* know what’s best and everyone else is wrong…we f*ck shit up.”

She continues:

This hit home. Maher said that those of us who are only moderately religious should take a long look in the mirror because if we belonged to a social organization that had such deep historical ties to misogyny, homophobia, child rape, killing, and other acts of horrific violence – we’d have turned in our resignations long ago.

Leaving religion altogether? Hmmmmm.

Talking to my brother on the way home, he said we could say the same about our own country and we ain’t jumpin’ ship and moving to Canada.

Kate’s brother makes a great point. I’m continually amazed how people who mock faith in religion seem to have the most faith (hope) in what our government can/will do for us. Believing that some supernatural power will help you out does take faith. Believing that if we only had the “right people” in power, we will be delivered from all that ails us, that takes a shit load of faith.


3 Responses to “Agnostic cynics for whatever”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    I like Peter’s response when Jesus’ disciples generally freaked out when JC told them he was going to be killed. A lot of ’em left. Jesus asked Peter if he was going to cruise, too. Peter’s response, “Where would I go?”. I know there’s a God who loves me and you and the whole screwed up mess of us (I just do, okay. Take it up with C.S. Lewis). People may mess up the stories and institutions we put together to explain it all, but all take the whole mess rather than trade it for a big plate of nothing.

  2. John in IL Says:

    You have faith in God and government. The first one I envy. The second makes you a little suspect.

  3. colio2007 Says:

    john, i’m with you on bill maher. Smug, angry and ugly doesn’t work for me either. he went to my high school btw and the word is he was a douche even back then.

    i will watch the movie when it hits cable or netflix. i watched sicko and inconvenient truth and am always fascinated by propaganda, how people respond to it and how it affects society for better or for worse. that’s also why i am a student of media.

    to me, religion and faith are two very different things. you can have religion but no faith, you can have faith but no religion. you can also have both faith and religion or no faith and no religion. any combination is okay — to each her own.

    i put my faith in myself and other individuals, not institutions like organized religion and government. what makes me nervous is when others try to dictate “the” way. … jewish bud kate is right.

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