D I V O R C E (or Welcome to the Southern Cone)

November 9, 2008

The church that I was confirmed in is now leaving the church. Not that I care. I left the church a long time ago. Mother is a little upset. I asked her if, when they leave, they get to take all the property with them? She wasn’t sure.

She always hated the bishop (she referred to him as that short “lady’s man”) who encouraged the split. The church gave him the choice of leaving the Episcopal Church or retiring with his pension. He took the pension. I guess money talks.


3 Responses to “D I V O R C E (or Welcome to the Southern Cone)”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your church leaving the fold (but then again, which fold? The Anglican Communion? The Episcopal Church U.S.A.? The diocese in which your parish is located?). South Carolina has talked, again, about seceeding. I hope we don’t. I pray we don’t. I’m more upset about your leaving the Church. It’s flawed, but what are you gonna do? Like Peter said, “Where would I go?”.

    Before I came to believe that homosexuality is not a sin; that marriage is, can, or should be as much about companionship as procreation; and that committed couples of every stripe should be permitted the sacrament of marriage; while I was still fearing the damage to how I would be perceived in my community because of Gene Robinson’s consecration as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, I struggled with this issue. The manner in which the sides have framed the arguments still troubles me: “the Bible says it’s wrong”, or “the Bible doesn’t matter” are too far apart to hope for reconciliation. Episcopalians got past the “time and circumstance” biblical passages that Paul wrote, and ordained women priests and bishops; there’s no reason to concentrate on a couple of Paul’s similar passages about homosexuality. There isn’t a single comment about homosexuality in any of the Gospels. Not one. It didn’t matter to Jesus; why should it be a problem to Christians now? Sadly, there seems to be a move afoot in the ECUSA to toss out the Bible altogether. I read Shelby Spong’s “The Sins of Scripture”, and, while some of the arguments were sound, it is mocking, and mean, ultimately unnecessary and I think wrong. The Bible is a wonderful book, and the best record we have of the real “word”, which was/is Jesus, but if we concentrate on and take out of context a few passages in violation of Jesus’ “Law of Love”, we’ve missed the only message that matters: Love God; Love your neighbor.

  2. John in IL Says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Dave. The entire diocese decided to leave.

    It’s flawed, but what are you gonna do? Like Peter said, “Where would I go?

    I don’t understand. Why do I have to go anywhere? So what if I don’t have an answer or explanation to the big questions in life.

  3. superdave524 Says:

    Point taken. I guess, for me, the Church is home (even if I don’t like all of my relatives).

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