Science vs politics vs reality

December 17, 2008


Here is Barack Obama on global warming (love the props to Blago):

Here is (my favorite Dane)Bjorn Lomborg’s response.

A snippet:

implementing the Kyoto Protocol at a cost of $180 billion annually would keep two million people from going hungry only by the end of the century. Yet by spending just $10 billion annually, the UN estimates that we could help 229 million hungry people today. Every time spending on climate policies saves one person from hunger in 100 years, the same amount could have saved 5000 people now.

What choice would you make?


3 Responses to “Science vs politics vs reality”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    The article was interesting. The author concedes that global warming is happening and that mankind is partly responsible for it; that, though he disputes the particular effects of global warming cited by Obama, doesn’t dispute that we should do something about it. He says what has been proposed already is too expensive and does more harm than good, but, though he suggests, vaguely, that we ought to explore “carbon alternatives”, he ultimately doesn’t give any concrete alternatives.

  2. superdave524 Says:

    …and I do love the graphics!

  3. John in IL Says:

    For more specifics, see here.

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