No matter what your thoughts are on Global Warming Climate Change Climate Crisis, my favorite Dane, Bjorn Lomborg, makes a good case for the actions we should take and the money we should spend.


What not to watch

January 28, 2009


TV shows I hate myself for loving:

1. What Not to Wear (TLC)

Stacey and Clinton make people cry but it all works out in the end.

2. Chowder (CN; that’s the Cartoon Network)

Chowder cries but it all works out in the end.

3. Cities of the Underworld (History Channel)

Love the history but love the stubble more (don’t really give a fuck how it works out in the end).


One of the most stupid products ever marketed:

But the parody is so worth it:


What’s all this fuss about CO2 in the atmosphere. The damage is already done:

A new scientific study led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reaches a powerful conclusion about the climate change caused by future increases of carbon dioxide: to a large extent, there’s no going back.

The pioneering study, led by NOAA senior scientist Susan Solomon, shows how changes in surface temperature, rainfall, and sea level are largely irreversible for more than 1,000 years after carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are completely stopped.

So everything we are currently trying to do to get back to 1990s/1900s levels of CO2 emissions is a complete waste of time and money. And I have to wait 1000 years (luckily) for any results. Good to know. In the meantime, I’d like some fucking warming!

(h/t Watts Up With That)

UPDATE: NPR has this story on the subject. From the author of the study:

“I guess if it’s irreversible, to me it seems all the more reason you might want to do something about it,” she says. “Because committing to something that you can’t back out of seems to me like a step that you’d want to take even more carefully than something you thought you could reverse.”

HUH? Can someone please explain to me the logic behind that?

Local cooling (sucks)

January 24, 2009


You hear about how weather is local and climate is global… Well, I found this great site that graphs what your local (US) temperature trend is for the last century (according to the U.S. Historical Climatology Network). Here is the result for the temperature station closest to me:


Damn it! Colder. Suck it, Al Gore

Check out your own local trend.

UPDATE: Trend for Yemassee, SC


The Obama speech

January 23, 2009


This makes sense:

Many are urging a massive increase in government spending coupled with tax rebates as a way to jump start the economy. But the economy is not stagnant because of a lack of spending. The economy is stagnant because of a lack of confidence in the future. Government spending on bridges, roads and new schools will stimulate the construction industry. But without confidence, the benefits will not spread to the rest of the economy.

The argument for a massive spending increase presumes that spending is the source of our prosperity. But it is the combination of prudent spending and prudent investment that creates prosperity.

Advice (you can rely on)

January 22, 2009

I don’t have any children (teh kittehs don’t count) and I don’t want any. Don’t like ’em. That doesn’t stop me from giving parenting advice.