The clap

February 15, 2009

I love songs that feature hand claps. They are so user friendly. We all have a musical instruments right in front of us! Weeee!

Do you have any other worthy suggestions?

(h/t Dave and Kate)


11 Responses to “The clap”

  1. kate Says:

    Do you mean me in your h/t? If so, I must wonder aloud how I inspired this post…do tell.

  2. John in IL Says:

    Yes, you. You had that post yesterday on STDs.

  3. John in IL Says:

    Love cowbells too.

  4. superdave524 Says:

    Those are excellent, but how about this one, by St. Esmerelda?

  5. superdave524 Says:

    …or this one by Neil Diamond?

  6. John in IL Says:

    Those are both standing ovation clap worthy. Well done, Dave

  7. kate Says:

    Ahh, I get it.

    Fighting a cold.

    Feeling sluggish.

    That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

  8. John in IL Says:

    Here’s a tissue, Kate.

    and I know you are going to think I’m a wingnut for saying this, but try Zicam. IT WORKS. (and don’t touch doorknobs (and don’t have children))

  9. superdave524 Says:

    Thanks, John.

  10. COL Says:

    hey there. this song is the most ostentatious one i know when it comes to clapping.

  11. John in IL Says:

    Awesome song col but there isn’t any actual hand clapping in it. Great music for clapping but I wanna hear a hand clap to consider it. There are rules to my life and I follow them.

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