I agree with PETA

February 18, 2009


Shocking, I know, but this shit is beyond awful. There is no good reason for someone to own a nondomesticated animal. This goes for circuses too. No reason. Wild animals as entertainment is wrong. Suck it Siegfried and/or Roy.


7 Responses to “I agree with PETA”

  1. superdave524 Says:

    “Cops say that before Travis went berserk, Herold gave him the anti-anxiety drug Xanax because he was acting up.” Well, see, it the drug company’s fault.

  2. John in IL Says:

    It must be someone’s fault (other than the chimp owner).

  3. John in IL Says:


  4. Jamie Says:

    Beyond ridiculous. She should be charged with manslaughter at least, or something for God’s sake. I mean, we’ve got a friggin’ farm and couldn’t properly accomodate a chimp. (No jokes about my long, hairy arms, please.)

  5. superdave524 Says:

    Now, Clint Eastwood knew how to use a monkey.

  6. COL Says:

    i agree. even though i like to make halloween costumes out of situations in which humans are attacked by animals, this one is a tad too rough.

    and the lady is batshit crazy

  7. kate Says:

    I agree. A sad situation and umm…people shouldn’t own such animals.

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