Mad skillz

March 31, 2009


Of all the important things I’ve learned over the years, I would have to rank my typing skills near the top of that list. I took one semester of typing in high school. It was a half year well spent. (Mrs. Steigel was a total cunt but I really do owe her). When I watch people hunting and pecking, I get annoyed. The fact that I can type this entire post with my eyes closed is a gift.


Republican road trip

March 28, 2009


Took a little road trip today. There was an antique show (sorry, stereotypes are sometimes true) in beautiful Oregon, Illinois. My friend D, Mother and I headed out at about 8:30 this morning. The easiest way to get to Oregon is to go on the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway to Dixon, IL. So funny that a tollway is named after Ronald Reagan. Luckily, when going west from chez moi, you avoid all tolls (If you want to keep going to Chi-town, bring the checkbook). Dixon, IL, is also a spot on the Lincoln Highway, the first road across America. Coincidence? I think not.

(for the record, D bought a postcard, Mother bought some figurine and I sniffed and snorted at the prices)

UPDATE: I forgot to mention Charlie’s Breakfast Nook in Oregon. The best damn breakfast I’ve ever had. They are supposedly known for their biscuits and gravy but the first thing the waitress told us is that they were sold out. I settled on the “everything” skillet: Hash browns, ham, bacon, cheese, eggs, onions, green peppers, jalepeno peppers, sausage and mushrooms. PERFECT. (the toast was great too)

Is Obama helping or hurting people in need? Does the government get more or less money? According to this, it’s a bad deal all around.

President Obama’s proposal to limit the tax deductibility of charitable contributions would effectively transfer more than $7 billion a year from the nation’s charitable institutions to the federal government. But the high-income taxpayers affected by the rule change are likely to cut their charitable giving by as much as the increase in their tax bills, which would, ironically, leave their remaining income and personal consumption unchanged.


“Catastrophic forecasts are essentially always wrong”

Thank you Dr. Lindzen. (a great listen if your attention span is longer than three minutes). So true. I’m old enough to remember The Population Bomb. It was required reading in one of my science courses in college. Same scare tactics. Same faulty science.

Scare me once, shame on you. Scare me twice, shame on me.


This AIG bailout/bonuses shit is getting into bizarro territory. First we have the president’s opinion:

President Barack Obama on Wednesday assailed AIG’s hefty executive bonuses as an “inappropriate use of taxpayer funds,” saying the government needed tools to prevent a situation like AIG’s from ever again posing a risk to the financial system.

And yet he signed the stimulus bill which explicitly protected AIG bonuses. Thank you, Miss Dodd:

In a dramatic reversal Wednesday, Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., confessed to adding language to the stimulus bill last month that exempted all bonuses that bailed-out companies had promised to employees before Feb. 11, 2009.

Dodd told FOX News that Treasury officials forced him to make the change.

HUH? So when did the Treasury Department trump congress? Oh, yeah, I forgot…the first bailout bill (that BO supported).

And then we have this report about BO’s town hall meeting in CA (before his Leno appearence):

White House officials had expected questions about AIG, given the furor over the $165 million in bonuses given to officials at the company, which has received $180 billion in government aid. When the president mentioned the bonuses, many in the crowded booed. But not one person asked about the matter.

This is maddening. Congress writes bonus protections into the stimulus bill, the President signs it and then both go into total meltdown over these very same bonuses! And the reaction from the audience=crickets chirping.

Pay attention, bitches!

Size queen

March 9, 2009


This shit is big:

Time (is relative)

March 7, 2009

As much as some people (ahem) hate George Bush, he did the right thing and pushed/shoved DST (Daylight Savings Time) back by a few weeks. Turn your clocks forward tonight, bitches!